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  • Introduction of server expander card

    The server expander card is a card inserted into the server motherboard to expand the functions of the server or improve its performance. Common server expander cards include network adapters, RAID controllers, graphics accelerators, ASIC accelerators, memory cards, video capture cards, and so on. By adding these expander cards, you can provide more capabilities and better performance for the server to meet different application scenarios and requirements. Next, let’s introduce the information about the server expander card.

  • Types and composition of server expander card

    ​The server expander card is a card that can be inserted into the server motherboard to expand the functions of computing, storage, and network. The main function of the server expander card is to increase the processing capacity, storage capacity, and network connection of the server. Next, we can better understand the expander card through its type and composition.

  • What network cards are suitable for network connectors?

    ​A network card, also known as a network adapter, is a hardware device that connects a computer to a computer network. What types of network cards apply to network connectors? Next, we will give you the answer.

  • Steps and precautions for installing the network card

    The network card is an indispensable hardware device for any computer. However, if the integrated network card on the motherboard is damaged or needs to use a dual network card, you need to install an independent network card. What can you do? don’t worry, next, we will introduce the installation of the network card and precautions to help you quickly understand how to install the network card.

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