PCIe x16 to 2*8654-8i 162P54B
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PCIe x16 to 2*8654-8i 162P54B

PCIe4.0 x16 to 2*8654-8i
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  • 162P54B

High-quality Smart Storage Expander Card

Expansion Capabilities: Expander cards allow users to expand the functionalities of their computer systems by adding features such as additional storage, network connectivity, graphics processing, or specialized input/output (I/O) capabilities.

Standardized Interfaces: Expander cards typically adhere to well-defined industry standards, such as PCI, PCIe, or proprietary interfaces, which ensure compatibility with the host computer's expansion slots and enable seamless integration.

Modular Design: Expander cards are designed to be easily installed and removed, allowing users to customize their systems by adding or removing capabilities as per their requirements.

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