Hot Swap 2u Server Standard Case V1003
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Hot Swap 2u Server Standard Case V1003

V1003 is a 2U chassis with 8 drive bays, supporting direct 12G connectivity through the 8643 interface. It also features four fan power ports for efficient cooling.
  • OTT-V1003


8bays rackmount chassis

This 2U chassis offers a compact and space-saving design, making it ideal for rack-mount installations. It features a sturdy and durable construction, ensuring the protection and security of the internal components. The chassis provides ample room for up to 8 drive bays, allowing for efficient storage and organization of data. It supports direct 12G connectivity through the 8643 interface, enabling high-speed data transfer and seamless integration with compatible devices. The inclusion of four fan power ports ensures effective cooling, preventing overheating and maintaining optimal performance. The chassis is designed with ease of use in mind, featuring tool-less drive installation and cable management options for a clean and organized setup. Additionally, it is equipped with various mounting options, allowing for flexible installation in different environments. Overall, this 2U chassis combines functionality, reliability, and convenience, making it a suitable choice for businesses and individuals seeking efficient and secure storage solutions.


This chassis is equipped with intelligent temperature control, ensuring optimal cooling and preventing overheating of the internal components. The intelligent temperature control system monitors the temperature inside the chassis and adjusts the fan speed accordingly, maintaining a stable and efficient operating environment.

It supports both a standard 2U single power supply and redundant CRPS 1+1 power supply configurations. The standard 2U single power supply provides reliable power delivery for the components, while the redundant CRPS 1+1 power supply configuration offers an additional layer of protection and ensures uninterrupted power supply in case of a power failure.

Furthermore, this chassis supports customization for non-standard power supplies, allowing for flexibility and compatibility with a wide range of power supply options. The customization option enables users to choose and install a power supply that meets their specific requirements and preferences.

Overall, this chassis with intelligent temperature control and support for standard 2U single power supply as well as redundant CRPS 1+1 power supply configurations, including the option for non-standard power supply customization, provides users with a reliable, efficient, and customizable solution for their computing needs.

Product Description

Model                                                  OTT-V1003

Size                                                      D*W*H(mm)                                       680mm×430mm×88mm

Form Factor                                         2U Rackmount Server case with 8 Hot-Swappable SATA/SAS Drive Bay

                                                            Metal material                                     SGCC

                                                            Metal thickness                                   1.2mm

M/B support                                        EEB (12″ x 13″), CEB (12″ x 10.5″), ATX (12″ x 9.5″), M icroATX

Drive Bay                                              3.5 "or 2.5" external (hot-swap)           8

                                                             Internal  3.5" /2.5"                                1/2

Power Supply support                         2U single power/CRPS redundant 1+1 power

Front panel                                           Indicator                                               Power ON/OFF x 1, HDD x 1, NETWORK x 2,Alarm x 1

                                                             Ports                                                      USB3.0 x 1,USB2.0 x 1

Expansion                                             7 half-height PCIe expansion slots

Net weight                                           10.16KG

Gross weight                                        12KG

Packing size                                         D*W*H(mm)                                            850mm×570mm×160mm

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