Hot Swap 2u Cloud Server Standard Case X2668
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Hot Swap 2u Cloud Server Standard Case X2668

X2668 is a (Daohe) 2U standard chassis with a SFF-8643/12G direct-connect backplane, included temperature control chip, compatible with SAS/SATA hard disks, and supports 2U single power supply or CRPS redundant 1+1 power supply.
  • OTT-X2668



The device with 8 drive bays, 12G direct connection, and 8643 interface is equipped with a temperature control chip, which effectively monitors the temperature of the hard drives. Additionally, the device features SGPIO hard drive failure alarm function, which promptly detects and alerts any hard drive failures to ensure data security. Moreover, the device also has a hard drive sequential power-on function, enabling the drives to power on in a predetermined order, enhancing system stability. Furthermore, the device provides 4 fan power ports to ensure sufficient cooling capacity for the system, ensuring the normal operation of the equipment.


The standard 2U chassis features a single power supply, providing reliable and efficient power to the system. For enhanced power redundancy, it also supports a redundant CRPS 1+1 power supply configuration. Moreover, the chassis offers the flexibility to support non-standard power supplies through customized rear window options. With its 7 half-height PCIe expansion slots, the chassis allows for easy integration of additional expansion cards, providing ample room for system expansion and customization. This combination of power supply options and PCIe expansion slots makes the 2U chassis an ideal choice for various applications that require both reliability and scalability.




Metal materialSGCC
Metal thickness1mm
M/B supportEEB (12″ x 13″), CEB (12″ x 10.5″), ATX (12″ x 9.5″), M icroATX
Drive Bay3.5 "or 2.5" external (hot-swap)              8
Rear  2.5" external (hot-swap)                  2
Power Supply support2U single power/CRPS redundant 1+1 power
Front panelIndicator                Power ON/OFF x 1, HDD x 1, NETWORK x 2
Ports                      USB3.0 x 1
Expansion7 half-height PCIe expansion slots
Net weight12.5KG
Gross weight15.1KG

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