Adapter Card OTT-PCIE X4-002
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Adapter Card OTT-PCIE X4-002

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  • OTT-PCIE X4-002


OTT-PCIE X4-002转接卡图1

The X4-002 adapter card is designed to convert a PCIe X8 interface into a single NVMe U.2 (SFF-8639) interface, enabling the connection of SSD solid-state drives. This adapter card provides a seamless solution for users who have a motherboard or server with a PCIe X8 slot and want to utilize the high-speed and high-capacity storage capabilities of NVMe U.2 SSDs. With its compact design and efficient functionality, the X4-002 adapter card offers a reliable and convenient way to integrate NVMe U.2 SSDs into existing systems. It ensures compatibility with PCIe X8 slots and allows for the seamless transfer of data between the SSD and the host system. The X4-002 adapter card is a cost-effective and versatile solution for users seeking to enhance their storage capabilities with NVMe U.2 SSDs.

OTT-PCIE X4-002转接卡图3

The X4-002 adapter card is equipped with a high-quality SFF-8639 interface from Foxconn, ensuring reliable and efficient connectivity. With the PCI Express Gen3 x8 bus channel, it offers a fast and stable data transfer rate, enabling seamless communication between the host system and the connected devices. The X4-002 features a TG170 low-loss high-speed PCB board design, which ensures optimal signal integrity and minimizes signal loss, resulting in enhanced performance and reliability. The 30U' gold finger plating design provides excellent conductivity and corrosion resistance, ensuring a durable and long-lasting connection. With these advanced features and design choices, the X4-002 adapter card delivers exceptional performance, reliability, and compatibility, making it an ideal choice for users looking to enhance their storage capabilities with NVMe U.2 SSDs.

ModelOTT-PCIE X4-002
CharacterisationOptional Foxconn SFF-8643 Interface
PCI Express Gen3 x8 bus lanes
TG170 Low-loss, high-speed PCB board design
30U' Gold Finger Gold Plated Design
Requires motherboard support for PCIe split mode
Driver SupportCompatible U.2 (PCIe_NVMe SSD, SFF-8639) Driver
Power Wastage1W
Operating Temperature0°C ~55°C

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